Małopolska has steadily continued to gain popularity as a tourist destination since 2009. 11.5 million individuals visited Małopolska for at least a single night in 2016, reports Love Krakow. World Youth Day helped swell the numbers. The majority of visitors are Poles making the trip from other regions in the country. Among international travelers, citizens of Great Britain and Germany are the most common to pay a visit. Although Krakow is the leading destination other locations like Zakopane, Oświęcim and Wieliczka also experienced an increase in visitors. The total revenue generated by the tourism industry approached 13 billion PLN with an international tourist spending approximately twice as much as a Pole per visit. Małopolska made a major investment in tourism tracking in 2003 as the industry continues to play a large role in the development of the region. Officials see the ‘Far East’ as an untapped market for potential tourists.