For Jose Carlos Torres Sanchez and Olena Matkowska, Krakow is their first experience living and working abroad. They arrived here for different reasons and with different backgrounds but can agree that moving to Poland has been life-changing. They both see it as an opportunity for self-development and growth in all aspects of life with opportunities that would not be available in their home places.

As foreigners, they have the motivation and need to integrate with the Krakow, but in different ways. They meet other foreigners from different nationalities and Polish people both at work or in different places and situations. During this time, they had the opportunity to learn, understand, share and feel different points of views regarding expectations about life, routines, dreams and future plans.

The Routine

Particularly interesting for Jose and Olena is the idea of ‘the routine’ and the fact that some individuals can get involved in a routine in either a positive or negative way. Some people keep their goals and dreams in mind.  Meanwhile others just get lost in ‘a never-ending story.’ The artists compared this insight with their own experiences and expectations as the theme of the exhibition “Cage Sweet Cage.”

About The Artists:

Jose Carlos Torres Sanchez (born 1986) is a designer and artist from Gran Canaria, Spain interested in conceptual-visual art using different techniques including photography, paint and installation.He is inspired by exploring different points of view, based on dreams, metaphors, different scales or hidden secrets with weirdness and irony.

Olena Matkowska (born 1994) is a photographer and artist from Kyiv, Ukraine specializing in photography including portraits, landscape, and food photography. She is exploring different points of view and techniques to create expressive and unique images with beauty and harmony. Her website is:

The Opening

Exhibition: Cage Sweet Cage

Location: Scena Supernova (

Ulica Gazowa 21 in Kazimierz.

Admission: Free

Time: 19:00

Event Link Here.