Ulica Stolarska in the Krakow’s Old Town is often called ‘Embassy Lane’ despite the absence, of well, embassies- The traditional ones anyway. Yes, the diplomatic envoys of France, Germany and the United States are located here, but these are actually consulates. You also have Ambasada Śledzia, but it represents the largely apolitcal “Kingdom of the Herring” via tapas and drinks. And finally, at the end of the street, with no flag to mark it, is the low-key Ambasada Krakowian (Krakow Embassy).

Ulica Stolarska – Embassy Lane

Ambasada Krakowian is a multifunctional event space created and managed by engaged citizens to incubate grassroots initiatives by and for the residents of Krakow to improve their city. Recently celebrating 2 years in operation, the ‘People’s Embassy’ offers a rich schedule of diverse programming from storytelling for children to yoga classes to ecological workshops.

Among the newest initiatives to bloom and flower here is the group ‘Collaborate, Krakow’ whose mission is to build a community for social activists living in Krakow who prefer to speak in English or do not speak Polish at all. The project was founded in the summer of 2016 by Vanda Tribocka – one of Ambasada Krakowian’s hosts. Co-Founder Tetiana Demydko described the ‘Collaborate, Krakow’ initiative as a response to growing interest in networking opportunities to learn about community actions, volunteering, and new ideas among non-Polish speakers living in Krakow.

The group held its 3rd monthly MeetUp in December around the topic of food with representatives of Foodsharing Krakow and Fair Trade Polska giving presentations on waste reduction and sustainability. More MeetUps are already scheduled for 2017-

December Food MeetUp

In addition, you can catch a ‘Collaborate, Krakow’ Open Breakfast on a Tuesday morning at 8:00am for a relaxed potluck style breakfast where you can share your project and meet new people over toast and coffee in one of Ambasada Krakowian’s large, open and natural lit rooms.

If you are looking for a diverse and inclusive English-speaking environment full of engaged and goal orientated people, a ‘Collaborate, Krakow’ event is the place for you- Keep up with announcements and events on the Collaborate, Krakow Facebook Page and other interesting opportunities at Ambasada Krakowian.


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