Cosmic Serenades: Erith At Sofar Sounds Krakow

Erith + Sofar Sounds Krakow + BAL


Since its start in London in 2010, the Sofar Sounds idea of ‘bringing the magic back to live music’ by having artists and audiences to come together in unique space that is respectful to the performers has spread to over 300 cities. On April 1st, the Sofar Sounds Krakow chapter celebrated its second birthday with a concert at the spacious BAL café in Podgorze. With over 500 submissions for 100 tickets, it’s clear the concept is resonating and the organizers are committed to the high quality and intimate experience that Sofar Sounds strives for. Beyond offering an opportunity to make new friends, it is also a chance to discover new musicians-

Erith likely arrived at BAL by spaceship. With faded aqua blue hair and colorful paint on her face and arms, she radiated an eccentric and alien aura. Not fazed by the challenge of being the opening performance, she flashed a big disarming smile and went fearlessly into her brief but provoking set. Erith brought together minimalist bass infused beats with cosmic-spacey synths and celestial, angelic vocals that ebbed and flowed like an intergalactic siren. Between managing the blinking electronic hardware that surrounded her, Erith sang and howled into the microphone releasing an inner magical world. It was as if a fairy had emerged just briefly from an enchanted forest to share with us its sound.


Erith at Sofar Sounds Krakow


As a performer, Erith was free from the social restraints that make the majority of us stiff, self-conscious and predictable. Many in the seated audience that filled BAL must have been living through this girl dancing freely, wildly and alone in front of the room. Erith had the allure of someone that didn’t need you but was authentically happy that you were there with her. The entire scene was as if she was casting a spell by which she was herself possessed.

The swoony, dance-friendly songs are more appropriate for the dark ambiance of a club and when the lights at BAL went off for the last song of her set, Erith was truly in her element. A hypnotic beat recycled over and over as Erith, illuminated in the blacklight, sang with pure emotion that required no lyrics. For a moment, the room was transformed into a spaceship, with Erith at the controls.

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