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The 11th of November, commemorates the recovery of a sovereign state by the Poles in 1918, after 123 years of partition by the Russian Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia and the Habsburg Empire. But the history of Poland goes back way further than that. There are different versions of who first founded Poland but my favourite has to be the legend of three-brothers Lech, Czech and Rus. Some accounts talk of only two brothers, Czech and Lech. The story goes that the brothers went hunting and Lech found himself face-to-face with a fierce, white eagle guarding its nest from intruders. Seeing the eagle against the red of the setting sun, Lech took this as a good omen and decided to settle there. He named his settlement Gniezno (Polish gniazdo – ‘nest’) in commemoration and adopted the White Eagle as his coat-of-arms. We all know where the other two brothers went and settled.

Whatever the legend is, we all agree that since its inception, Poland has been invaded by many of its neighbouring countries and it has suffered countless tragedies and loss of lives over the course of its existence. There was even a time, when it was completely wiped off the map. Yet modern day Poland came out strong with its citizens having a strong sense of patriotism and nationalism. When I first thought of writing this blog post, I was of the opinion that I would write a small paragraph or two about how Independence Day is celebrated nowadays. But then I stumbled upon a video which describes Polish legacy very well and is a moving piece of animation.


As I mentioned before, Poland has a very long and rich history. Here are some of the snapshots of the most important events that helped shape modern day Poland and enjoy the video at the end

450- First Slavic settlements (to 500)
800- 900 early stage of the Piast (Giecz-Gniezno area tribe) expansion (to 930)
966- Baptism of Poland
1000- Congress of Gniezno
1018- Signing of the Peace of Bautzen with the Holy Roman Emperor
1226- Golden Bull of Rimini
1333- Coronation of Kazimierz III
1364- Founding of the Jagiellonian University
1377- Grand Duke of Lithuania Władysław II Jagiełło later to marry Jadwiga
1410- Battle of Grunwald- Defeat of Teutonic Knights
1543- Copernicus Book
1619- Polish Ottoman War
1683- Battle of Vienna Hussars
1772- First partition of Poland
1791- Adoption of constitution May 3rd
1793- Second partition of Poland
1795- Third partition of Poland
1797- a Polish Napoleonic legion was created in Italy.
1806- Greater Poland Uprising begins
1830- November Uprising begins
1863- January Uprising begins
1918- Poland regains independence (after 123 years of partitions)
1919-1920- Series of Wars
1922- Legislative Elections
1939- German invasion of Poland
1940- Katyn Massacre
1944- Warsaw Uprising
1945- End of World War II
1978- Election of Pope John Paul the II
1981- Martial Law begins
1989- The People’s Republic of Poland becomes the Republic of Poland
1990 onwards, there has been no stopping Poland. It is outgrown its past and now is one of the strong forces within the EU.


I don’t know about you, but after watching this animation I feel proud and happy for the Polish people as they have gone through a lot but have always come out victorious and strong. Many houses, buildings, buses and trams display Polish flags on Independence Day. There are parades on almost all Polish town squares and I hope everyone has a great time in the celebrations.

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