Independent Polish Designers Showcase Their Goods At Krakow’s ‘KIERMASH’


KIERMASH is to take place between 25th-26th of March and is all about fashion, style, heritage, quality and beyond. The Museum of Municipal Engineering has been chosen by the organizers to hold this edition of KIERMASH. The amazing interior will complement displays of many independent fashion designers. The contrast of tradition meeting young and independent creative spirits will be a unique experience.

During these 2 days, guests will be able to browse, try on and purchase one-of-a-kind pieces, created by upcoming fashion designers. Altogether there will be over 60 stalls offering handpicked, handmade and beautiful clothes, jewelry and accessories.

KIERMASH is there to unite creative minds, fashionistas and customers. Following in the footsteps of similar events held around the Europe, the event fills the gap in the Polish fashion industry. The whole project is so meaningful and popular that it had caught the attention of the Marshal Office of the Malopolska Region and Cracow City Council, who have become official partners.

“KIERMASH is all about the fashion, which you cannot find on the high street. It is a mixture of best quality fabrics, exceptional craftsmanship and so very important – fair trade. Most of the designers exhibiting in KIERMASH are only selling their collection via websites,” said Izabela Chyłek and Mateusz Kaczan, initiators of the project.

Find the event details here.