Indian Girl In Poland x Contemporary Art To Awaken The Senses


Hello everyone! I have had the most relaxing long weekend with a total of 5 days off (including weekend) and since I had been to one of my favorite galleries I thought that I would share it with you. Whether you are new to Krakow or even if you have been here for a while, I am sure that you might have heard of MOCAK! Well if not, then do not feel left out as I am here to share with you my experience and thoughts about this place.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow a.k.a MOCAK is located right next to the Schindler’s Factory close to Podgorze. Open on almost all days, including public holidays, its a great place to take a stroll while admiring works of art. Tickets are reasonably priced and you can spend hours in here just wandering around and admiring some of the collection. The Museum presents international contemporary art along with artworks from local artists. The MOCAK Collection is the permanent – albeit periodically enhanced collection. You don’t have to be an avid art collector or an artist yourself to appreciate art. I love the atmosphere and openness of the museum. The exhibits and artwork are one of a kind and are very intriguing at times.

As I mentioned, there are permanent exhibitions that belong to the Mocak gallery and then there are temporary exhibits and art work.  Currently, there are some new exhibits on display. There are 3 buildings with works on display, the main building has 2 levels.

Here are some of the exhibits currently worth checking out:

Art in Art

Exhibition date: 28.04.2017 – 01.10.2017
Venue: Level 0 (main building)

The Artist and the Trace: Materials from the MOCAK Collection Artists’ Archive

Exhibition date: 28.04.2017 – 17.09.2017
Venue: Alfa Gallery

Grapevine: 1988–1992

Exhibition date: 28.04.2017 – 18.06.2017
Venue: Beta Gallery

A New Archaeology for Liban and Płaszów

Exhibition date: 28.04.2017 – 18.06.2017
Venue: Re Gallery

In addition to these exhibits there is also a new installation in which you can walk through and be a part of.  Live Factory 2-Warhol by Krystian Lupa and Hipsters in Stone by Leo Caillard are two of my current favorite exhibits. On display are also “Hipsters in Bronze and Marble” by the Leo as well. Krystian Lupa’s interactive installation Live Factory 2, based on the stage design for his theater production Factory 2, which premiered at the Stary Theatre in 2008. Visitors to MOCAK are able to go inside the installation, touch the walls and furniture, sit down on the replica of Warhol’s sofa and watch the recordings of the theater workshops that preceded the production.

The most iconic part of the museum is however on the level -1, the work by artist Grzegorz Kalman, which is an imitation of the gate to Auschwitz and reads instead Kunst Macht Frei, which translates to Art Sets You Free. The word ‘Arbeit’ has been replaced by ‘Kunst’. The suggestion is that, just as work did not make anyone free ‘there’, so art will not make anyone free ‘here’. This is a bitter joke about the situation of the artist. In this gesture there is no disdaining of history; on the other hand, there is the use of a signifier from history in another context.

Well, I can go on and on about this museum, but will leave it up to you to go check it out for yourselves and have your own impressions about it. Oh and before I forget, the museum also has a wonderful library of books on topics like art, fashion and much more; available also in English! There is also a cafe which you can have a cuppa at the end of the tour should you need a pick me up.

If you would like to visit the museum but feeling a bit lazy, then no worries you can download the Mocak Mobile App for free via the App Store or Google Play. The App is designed to help visitors plan their visits to the museum and serve as a guide around the exhibitions. Best of all thanks to the app you can learn about the most recent exhibitions and events, admissions, opening hours as well as get other useful information straight to your phone. Did I mention you can play games in the app and get the know more information about the works of art?  Your welcome 😉

Until next time