Is Krakow Safe? A Look At Crime Statistics


City Police summed up the state of security in Krakow: It turns out that in the past four years, crime has decreased and there’s been an increase in crime detection. Fewer drivers were retained under the influence of alcohol, but more and more people drive after taking drugs. On top of that, the overall number of drug-related offenses increased as dealers take more chances, reports LoveKrakow.

Generally, in comparison with 2013, the number of crimes has dropped from 30,000 to just over 22,000, with an increase of detection of 10%. Currently, about 55% of offenders will be arrested.

Consider too that criminality saw a decline from 26.5 thousand to approx. 17.9 thousand. – Here, too, we are talking about a 10% increase in detection – says the commander of the Krakow police Rafal Lesniak.

Theft affects everyone

It affects us all and always hurts – Whether you lose the item without knowing it in a public place, or when someone breaks in to our apartment. The latter also involves the loss of peace of mind – says inspector Lesniak describing any kind of theft.

However, in this case, it is getting better. With 9,000 such incidents recorded in 2013, in 2015 there was a decline of four thousand – significantly, a  50% decline in the number of burglaries. Last year, Krakow police recorded 1700 such events.

The Police commandant also noted an increase in the number of detected economic crimes. This is connected primarily to transactions over the Internet. Victims typically pay for the goods, but never receive them – or if they do – it is not as described.


According to the commander of the city, an ‘experienced’ police officer is one that has been on the job for at least three years – or best if it was five years experience. It comes too during their patrols of the city, which last year was approx. 127,000. Patrols are so important, that the mere sight of a policeman in uniform acts as a deterrent to potential criminals.

You can also see from recent statistics that residents themselves are less likely to report problems to the police. In 2013, it was 97,000 reports and in 2016 less – 81,000.  “Society feels safer”, says Rafal Lesniak.

But if they are needed somewhere, the police are getting there faster. In 2013, the response time was about 16 minutes. Now it is 12 minutes. Of course, it can always be better. Here, however, an important question is “where are we going?”; “are there traffic jams?” – explains the commandant.

Caught ‘in the act’, that is, within 24 hours of a note of the crime, the policemen stopped last year 6.5 thousand people.

Death on the roads

Among the 247,000 recorded offences, there were 154 thousand fines – with most people saying they don’t have the money on them – says the commandant Lesniak. A large part of fines are for drivers and pedestrians.

And since we’re on the road, you might want to look at how many accidents and collisions happened in Krakow. In 2016, they recorded a little over 1100. The number of deaths in 2016 was 15 people. In previous years, from 2013, it was 12, 14, 15 people. Often, the victims are pedestrians – from 2013-2016 the number killed was 7, 7, 11, 6.

The alarming fact is that pedestrians have made 146,000 offences, and they were the victims of 7800.

Alcohol and drugs

Year by year we see the number of sobriety checks increasing. Last year it was over 660,000. And interestingly, in 2013 only 282,000. Stopped drunk drivers over the last 2-3 years is about the same – 2200 thousand.

More worrying, however, is another fact: The number of people under the influence of drugs rose from 97 in 2013 to 282 in 2016 – and about a thousand checks were made. If they had made the same number of checks as with alcohol, the numbers would be even greater. “Unfortunately, we lack drug testing equipment” – noted the commandant. Here, the city comes to help: Councillor Krzysztof Durek promised that he will ask the president Majchrowski about this situation.

Driving while under the influence of drugs, in 2017 to January 20, police arrested 31 people – and only 15 people drunk. Today, the proportions are different – 65:41.

In general, drug-related crime is one of the areas where the trend is growing, rather than falling. Krakow police in 2016 recorded 2.5 thousand such offences, while 2013 closed with 1.6 thousand. Traceability is closely linked with the work of police and informants. For a fact, that it is high, and still hovering around 95%. However, it is so lucrative a job that even those punished return to this business – explains commander Lesniak.

What about this year?

The new commander of the set several goals for implementation, such as maintaining the downward trend in the number of crimes and, of course, to increase detection. In the city this year, we should see the appearance of more patrols and traffic police.