It’s about time to shed some light on what lacrosse is.

What actually is this sport all about?  Is it just a temporary thing created recently or does it have some actual history? This question is raised rather often, and I feel that it needs a word of explanation. Few people know, that lacrosse is not something made up overnight by a group of bored millennials. This sport has actually been around for quite a while.

Lacrosse has its origins in a tribal game played by northern Native American tribes. Named „little brother of war” by Mohawk people, serving such purposes as settling intertribal disputes. In other words – it is the oldest known sport originated in America. And in fact, it influenced many other stick sports such as hockey over time.

The rules of lacrosse are fairly simple. Two teams, each consisting of 10 players wielding a stick with a net at the end of it are fighting their way to two goals at opposing sides of the field. The team that scores more goals, wins. Sounds familiar and easy enough? Of course, there are more rules than that, but following a lacrosse game if you see it the first time doesn’t require a long introduction. And it’s way more exciting than you might actually think. Why?

First of all – it’s a contact sport. So you’ll see a plenty of situations when the player in possession is being tackled to retrieve the ball. It can get brutal, therefore being good at the sport requires a certain finesse. And that’s one of the reasons why it’s so much fun to watch – a number of maneuvers, stick moves and trick shots is huge, which makes an average match both exciting and unpredictable.

Finally, most of you probably had no idea that Kraków has not even one, but two Lacrosse teams. Founded around 2009, Kraków Lacrosse Kings holds the second place in Polish Lacrosse League since 2014. This was also the year that spawned Krakow Lacrosse Queens, currently one of the top female lacrosse teams around!

And there’s much more to that – in fact, Kraków Lacrosse Kings has just beaten Spartans Oświęcim in semi-finals and it’s headed to fight for the national championship once again this Saturday! Follow Krakow Lacrosse Kings on Facebook and join us on the next match in Katowice on 24th of June. No worries, the entry is free and you can be more than sure that you’re going to be entertained.

If you won’t be able to join the game but still are curious about lacrosse – let them know! They are recruiting new players this summer, so feel free to drop them a line.