Krakow Startup Sonicsmith Builds Unique Synthesizers To Craft Analog Audio

Twist The Knobs

The ConVertor and the Squaver P1 synthesizers.

Audio is an art and musicians are like craftsmen in pursuit of the perfect sound. For real audio enthusiasts concerned with creating the ideal pitches and tunes, regular instruments are just the beginning- In the overwhelmingly digital music world, artists take their gear like guitars, keyboards and microphones are connect to effects pedals, audio transforming machines and computers to manipulate the sound in radically different directions. In contrast, Krakow hardware startup Sonicsmith is committed to analog, meaning the natural sound produced by vibration and have realized the innovative idea of a synthesizer based on the actual audio signal from the instrument.

Officially established and registered in 2016, Sonicsmith’s formal goal is allowing the analog audio world to interact directly with the analog synthesizers world without the need for any computers, processors or digital protocols. The complementary duo behind the unique project consists of Brian Kaczynski, an American electrical engineer passionate about music of all genres and Noam Lavi, an Israeli sound engineer and music producer passionate about analog and digital synthesizers with a keen ear for audio fidelity. In an office space that doubles as a photography studio filled with cables and chords, vintage guitars and bits of hardware Brian designs the green circuit boards inside the boxes and Noam designs the boxes themselves meaning the user interface.

Brian Kaczynski and Noam Lavi with booth assistant Victoria at Superbooth 2017 in Berlin.

For individuals whose understanding of audio production is limited to their headphones and mobile phone, the technical details of the devices sound like jargon- But for musicians passionate about realizing the most perfect sound and audio experimentation it is creating buzz and excitement.

“Now we have two products for sale, the ConVertor and the Squaver P1. The ConVertor is the simpler version which just includes interface elements to talk to the audio-controlled oscillator. The Squaver P1 includes additional analog synth blocks like voltage-controlled filter, pulse-width modulation, sub-octaves mix, foot switches for hands-free operation, expression pedal inputs, internal patching options via switches, and last but not least — a ring modulator input,” explained Brian.

As a company Sonicsmith is maturing with their analog synthesizers now past demos and prototypes and about to go into production ready to find themselves in bedrooms, recording studios and concert spaces far and wide. Learn more about Sonicsmith on their website and facebook.