The city’s club goers experienced a rush of dopamine when two of Krakow’s cultural tastemakers Unsound Festival and Forum Przestrzenie announced that together they were launching the new club ‘89’.

The best unique spaces channel special energies to create their own myth. For ’89,’ the name connects to the year communism collapsed in Poland as a time for new ideas and new sounds had arrived. Similarly, the dancefloor at club ‘89’ provides freedom from the oppression of the work week and an opportunity to hear emerging and established artists at the forefront of techno and other genres.

The year ’89 was also when the now defunct Hotel Forum debuted, and whose original basement lair club ‘89’ has taken over. With preserving the original, distinct interior of dark red leopard print and black leather booths, ‘89’ has an ambiance of lust and mystery unmatched in Krakow. Now animate this setting with the thick fog and overhead lighting of an alien abduction as DJs from Unsound’s wide and select network handle the decks and it is no surprise that ‘89’ has quickly elevated its profile to one of the premier clubs in the country.

Photo: Instagram @klubosiemdziewiec

Yet 5 months after the consuming work of breathing new life into a dead space, ‘89’ is going to take some time off for the summer.

But not before one last event.


Photo: Instagram @klubosiemdziewiec

From the event description:

‘The break will be marked with a night called HIATUS on 31st March, which has a particularly Unsound flavour. Split into two parts, the program features Polish cult band KSIĘŻYC. The second part of the evening sees UK duo DEMDIKE STARE (Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty) hit the stage for an extended dance-oriented five-hour set.’

Full event information here.