Draft amendments to Krakow’s ‘Cultural Park Old Town’ program, which encompasses the area within the Planty, would impose new restrictions on advertising, reports Gazeta Wyborcza.

“We are introducing primarily a ban on advertising contradictory with public morality,” said Katarzyna Olesiak, Director of the Magistrate’s Department of Culture. This is a response to complaints by both tourist and residents alike about experiences like incessant solicitation by erotic nightclub promoters even on the high profile Royal Route, seen as damaging to the city’s image. The new resolution introduces sweeping restrictions on advertising beyond just girls with pink umbrellas including:

  • Ban on illumination of windows above ground level with a color other than white.
  • Ban on speakers in windows and doorways.
  • Ban on LED screen advertising.
  • Ban on meleksy (electric vehicles often used for city tours)
  • Ban on advertising using historical costumes other than traditional Krakow costumes.
  • Ban on organized Segway tours.
  • New certification requirements for street vendors.

The draft amendments are set to arrive shortly on the desks of city council committee members. Numerous business owners have protested against the introduction of new measures saying the changes would negatively impact their operations.

Cultural Park Old Town was established in 2010 in an effort to curb illegal and unsightly advertising.