Off Radio is the alternative offspring of Radio Krakow, broadcasting for an altered generation of listeners. What is the “Off’ concept? A push toward the new- Get “Off” the dying FM wavelengths. Instead, be a digital, online station orientated toward listening over the internet. Get “Off” the mainstream model of playing within a predictable and narrow genre. Instead, deliver an eclectic selection of indie rock, hip-hop and electronica, both classic and freshly released for an audience not bound to a single style. Dig deep in the crates.

Sample Playlist for Off Radio


The stream is essentially commercial free- Long expansive landscapes of music are uninterrupted. Non-Polish speakers will be pleased to know that there is simply little talking going on at all- And that Polish jams are a limited selection in the repertoire. During evening hours, radio personalities take over for live mixes. Make sure to go on a journey through feel-good sound with Krakow club favorite Disco Mule and his program “Freedom To Dream” every Thursday night at 21-


The station is also about community. The site (which translates well into English) is a great place to learn about upcoming concerts, new spaces, and other interesting events. Among them is Off Radio Krakow’s birthday party, celebrating two years of broadcast. The festivities had to be broken up over two weekends! Last week, Forum Przesztenie hosted a night of DJs with a dance party flavor. This Friday, Feb 3rd 2017, features a full bill of indie rock performers at Klub Alchemia in Kazimierz. Entrance is free-

Kubatera will play Friday night at Klub Alchemia