Park Krakowski To Undergo Renovation: Close For 1 Year

instagram : @zawszewgorach

Park Krakowski will be turned into a building site in April and will stay closed for the next 12 months. During this time it will undergo a thorough renovation worth several million zloty, reports

Complete closure of the park is justified by the fact that the renovation will be done much quicker this way, as opposed to partial closure.

Five businesses competed for the renovation tender. The lowest offer was made by Building-Renovation enterprise SKO-BUD, which asked for 6,1 mln.zl. The most expensive quote was 9,3 mln zl.

Lanes will be renovated and new benches will be added during the renovation. 40 trees will be planted, each with a trunk of about 40 cm, as well as 4 thousand new bushes, bulb-type and perennial plants.

What else? In the new park there will be a playground which will replace the tarmacked space near Szymanowskiego str. Sculptures on the territory of the park will also be given a new life.

The fountain should also be renovated, but this point hasn’t been discussed in the trader yet. The project has to be started first. According to the plan, the fountain should be ready by the end of April 2018 when work in the park will have ended.