Spring Cleaning For The Adam Mickiewicz Monument


The restoration of one of the most famous Krakow monuments will be finished by the end of June this year, says the Municipal Infrastructure and Transport Administration, reports Krakow.pl. The most important task will be the cleaning of the stone and bronze figures, most likely using powdered groundnut shells, just as it was with the Grunwald Monument. ZIKiT has just announced the auction for the monument’s restoration.

Moreover, green stains can be seen in the stone fragments from the bronze sculptures washout. The conservation commission has also pointed out the fragmental loss of stone and joints and a partially visible covering with algae.

When it comes to sculptures of bronze, visible black patina needs to be removed from them. Besides, the statue of „Bravery” has loosened its rear tip. There is some fraying on the forearm of “The Poetry” and the leg of the “Bravery”, most likely because of people’s touches.

The works should be finished before July’s UNESCO sessions, which will take place in Krakow. We are hoping to host 1000 delegates from 190 countries. Krakow has been on UNESCO’s list since 1978.

In the last year, ZIKiT commissioned restoration works on the Grunwald Monument which hadn’t been restored for 40 years.