Streets For The People: Krakow To Push Out Cars From City Center

A Push Toward Alternative Transportation.

Source: ZIKiT

Public officials from the Department of Municipal Infrastructure and Transportation have introduced a sweeping series of proposals to significantly curtail automobile access in the city center, reports Gazeta Wyborcza.

Three zones designated by color would set the rules for vehicle usage on select streets. The “Golden Zone” targets routes with the highest pedestrian traffic in the Old Town and would only allow cars belonging to area residents and business owners to use the streets in the overnight hours between 22-10. Encompassing the remainder of the Old Town is the “Silver Zone,’ allowing cars belonging to residents and business owners along with taxis and city vehicles to use the streets between 18-12. A wider “Green Zone” will see many streets limit traffic movement to a single direction, the introduction of new parking regulations and additional changes. Select buses and trams will increase in frequency to accommodate the changes-

A recent study examining the transportation behavior of Krakow residents found that 33% of individuals use their private vehicle every day, 36% use public transportation, 28% walk and the remainder use a bicycle. The goal of the city is to reduce transportation via car to 25%. The changes are part of a broader urban policy to reduce automobile usage and the associated pollution and noise while increasing pedestrian safety. Consultation with the residents and business owners of the affected areas will begin shortly.

Source: ZIKiT