Unsound 2017: Flower Power Preview


The 15th edition of Unsound takes place between October 8th – 15th in a host of sites across Krakow including cultural venues like Manggha, Crikotecka and Małopolski Ogród Sztuk along with club nights in Hotel Forum. Over 50 artists from around the world have been announced who will be complemented by a stacked daytime program of lectures, workshops, screenings, and discussions.

Unsound has built a global reputation and this year climbed to the top of Resident Advisor’s list as the best festival in the world for the month of October. The influential online music magazine writes, “more than perhaps any other event out there, its programme reflects the unique atmosphere of its moment in time, both musically and in a broader sense.”

For Unsound curators, this year’s programme was developed around the theme of “Flower Power” with seeds in the soil of the Summer of Love in 1968 and the poems of The Flowers of Evil’ by Charles Baudelaire. It is a response to our current collective moment that produces, “the feeling of living in the shadow of the Doomsday Clock ticking ever more forcefully forward.”

It’s true- In 2017, the official Doomsday Clock maintained by academics was moved forward to a precarious 2 and minutes away from the apocalyptic midnight. The only time the clock has ever been set closer to doom was in 1954 as the USA and USSR faced-off with a mutual suicide pact that at least promised swift and total annihilation. Today, we can add a toxic Molotov cocktail of indefinite terrorism, accelerating climate catastrophe, all-knowing and malicious AI, the great recession of facts and perhaps most disillusioning, the lack of credible leadership or alternative visions offering a solution.

However, if you believe that conflict is a dynamic catalyst for music and the creative process and that living in the twilight of civilization should produce a fierce urgency to achieve the full realization of artistic expression then Unsound 2017 should be an outstanding year. Especially for a festival that leans toward the dark, eerie, dissonant, ominous and sublime.

With many other festivals either narrowing to niche audiences or selling out on common denominator mega headliners, Unsound offers diverse musical options allowing for honest exploration and discovery.

Below is an Unsound 2017 Youtube Starter Pack:

1988 (PL)

Anastasia Kristensen (RU/DK)

Arturas Bumšteinas pres. “Bad Weather” (LT) — world premiere

Avalon Emerson (US/DE)

Ben Frost (AU/IS)

Bill Drummond (ZA/UK)

Black Zone Myth Chant (FR)

Bliss Signal (Mumdance & Wife) (UK) — world premiere

BNNT & Mats Gustafsson (PL/SE) — world premiere


Coucou Chloe (FR/UK)

DJ Bone b2b DJ Stingray (US) — world premiere

DJ Sprinkles (US/JP)

DJ Haram (US)

DJ Lycox (PT/FR)

Dre Skull b2b Jubilee (US)

Dtekk (PL)

Einstürzende Neubauten (DE)

Eleh (US)

Eltron John (PL)

Ewa Justka (PL/UK)

Flohio (UK)


Giant Swan (UK)

Holly Herndon (US/DE)

Inga Mauer (RU)

Intergalactic Gary (NZ/NL)

James Hoff pres. “Hobo UFO (v. Czernobyl)” (US)

J.G. Biberkopf (LT)

Jim C. Nedd & Palm Wine (IT/CO)

Jlin (US)

Juliana Huxtable (US)

Karen Gwyer (US/UK)

Klein (UK)

Konakov (UA)

Księżyc, Svitlana Nianio & Paweł Romańczuk (PL/UA)

Lanark Artefax (UK) — world premiere

Laura Cannell (UK)

Laurel Halo (US/DE)

Lee Gamble (UK)

Lena Willikens & Vladimir Ivkovic (DE/SB)

Lua Preta (PL/AG)

Lutto Lento (PL)

Maoupa Mazzocchetti (BE)

Mchy i Porosty (PL)

Mike Cooper (US)


Moor Mother (US)

Naked (UK/PL)

Nidia (PT)

Nina Kraviz (RU/DE)

Nkisi (BE/UK)

Noncompliant (US)

Octo Octa (US)

Okzharp & Manthe Ribane (ZA/UK)

Olivia b2b Ron Morelli (PL/US/FR)

Otim Alpha (UG)

Pan Daijing (CN/DE)

Peverelist b2b Kowton b2b Batu (UK)

Pharmakon (US)

Philip Sherburne (US)

Piernikowski / Gołębiewski (PL)



Puce Mary (DK/US)

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement (US/DE) — world premiere

Richard Skelton — world premiere

Robin Fox pres. “Single Origin” (AU) — world premiere

Sega Bodega (UK)

Slava Lepsheev (UA)

Swing Ting & MC Fox (UK)

The Jon Gibson Group with Hubert Zemler & Miłosz Pękala (US/PL)

Tzusing (MY/CN)

Umfang (US)

Varg (SE)

Visible Cloaks (US)

Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt (DE)

Zimpel Ziołek (PL)

Zonal & Moor Mother (UK/US) — world premiere