Back in April, The Krakowist wrote about the emergence from the vapor of Carsky. If the Krakow producer’s debut single “Dreams” is a moody, soulful requiem for bleary-eyed dancers leaving the club into the dawn then Carsky’s follow-up “Pure” is a jam that gets the weekend going on Friday night.

With a pedal-to-the-metal acceleration, Carsky directs a pulsating electronica orchestra of punchy bass, swerving piano rolls, emotional vocal cuts, blaring horns and stirring strings that doesn’t let up. It captures the feeling of thrill when we are in a rush to a place that we really want to be.

Although there is an immediate familiarity to this type of pleasurable dance-pop sound, the song avoids any obvious musical categorization or dominant point of reference as Carsky crafts a composition that has something for everyone. With a title like “Pure” listeners can impress upon the song any meaning they want, whether it is about the honest innocence of a smile or the quality of the ecstasy.

With a style that flirts with the mass appeal of the mainstream and what must be some industry connections, Carsky’s first performance seems to have been at the high profile Open’er Festival in Gdynia, Poland. Not bad for a musician with two songs in their repertoire. With “Dreams” and “Pure” this Krakow musician is off to a solid start- But Carsky needs to further reveal himself as an artist with a full album or extended mixtape to prove he has an original style of his own. Otherwise, this musical project risks just being a high-quality mash-up of others…