With Their Second Album ‘Paper Birds’ Vladimirska Blends Old World Charm With Joyful Indie Folk-Pop


In their second album Paper Birds, Krakow-based band Vladimirska combines a diverse collection of instruments and influences into a distinct sound that is more than just a series of songs- It is a musical novel. The six-member band blends indie rock, folk, big brass band and even jazz where an old-world ambiance comes into the present with a carnivalesque twist. The audio landscape features warm accordion and guitar, emotional trumpet and saxophone solos with a soft hustle of percussion with melodic piano, xylophone, double bass and flute entering in and out of the scene as well. Above it all is singer’s Scotia Gilroy’s delicate and natural voice who is a master storyteller through songs. The structure of the tracks abandons the traditional verse/chorus arrangement and are like linear lines. With album production that has songs ebbing and flowing but smoothly merging in one another, they are like chapters in a book.

Paper Birds released on Gusstaff Records

Sometimes, the music is appropriate for grabbing a friend by the arm and dancing like it is late into an Eastern European wedding. Other moments are more melancholic and reflective, like watching dawn over a field of wheat and rolling hills while dreaming of adventure. Overall, Paper Birds is an album of happiness, even joyful and celebratory, and a delight to listen to-

There is something natural, organic and even magical underpinning the unique sentiment of the Paper Birds. This is the result a non-traditional approach that had the majority of the album recorded outdoors in the Wolski Forest using the forest’s acoustics and atmosphere to add to the vibes, charm and quirk of the music.

On June 3rd, Vladimirska plays in the most appropriate of settings, the enchanted cellar beneath Alchemia. Don’t miss this chance! Event details here.